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When Screams Become Whispers 

is a memoir that offers hope to those struggling with bipolar disorder and for friends and families who continue to fight alongside their struggling loved ones.

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When Screams Become Whispers:
One Man’s Inspiring Victory Over Bipolar Disorder


When Screams Become Whispers is a raw look at bipolar disorder and the mania it drives will allow loved ones to recognize and understand key identifiers, thus enabling them to better help. Ultimately, Bob Krulish’s story sheds light on the systemic problems deeply rooted in the American mental healthcare system, highlighting the danger present when treatment is not readily available. Through great storytelling, readers are gifted with a greater appreciation for the need for de-stigmatization, demystification, greater resources, and a supportive community for those suffering from this poorly understood disorder.

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The path to managing bipolar disorder doesn't have to be excruciating or even particularly difficult.  To shine light for others, Bob Krulish shares every detail of his sometimes harrowing adventures to create stability in his life.  No matter how perplexing you find bipolar disorder for yourself or a loved, Bob's story will help relieve your guilt and give your powerful principles for success.  From consulting rooms to courtrooms, and even encounters with Tony Robbins, 'Bipolar Bob' provides something far better than hope.  He shares how to find empathy for yourself so that you can transcend mere survival and start to thrive."

Anthony Metivier

author of The Victorious Mind:  How to Master Memory, Meditation and Mental Well-Being

About the Author:  Bob Krulish


I’m Bob Krulish and I have learned to live well with Bipolar (Type I) Disorder and I’ve been teaching others how to do the same for the past several years. My secret? Education is my secret weapon against this illness. I found that the more I knew about my illness, the better I got. So I poured into dozens of books and hundreds of research papers to learn everything I could about it.

For all that this illness has ripped from my grasp – a 24-year marriage, an intact family, a successful career, financial security, and many friends – it has given me a potent way to help others.  For this, I am deeply grateful.  It is my hope that the pain I have experienced will become your gain, and that my hard-fought discoveries can become yours through the work we do together.

Bob holds a national certification from the Copeland Center to teach their Wellness Recovery Action Plan Course anywhere in the United States.  He is a popular speaker through the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s (NAMI) “In Our Own Voice Program” and is a Washington State Certified Trainer for the same. He has served on the Board of Directors for NAMI’s Eastside chapter. Additionally, Bob is certified through Dr. Xavier Amador’s LEAP Institute to teach their programs nationally.

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