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When Screams Become Whispers:
One Man’s Inspiring Victory Over Bipolar Disorder


At the lowest point of his journey, Bob Krulish found himself in the woods on the hardwood floor of a friend’s 100-year-old cabin cursing God. He formed a routine that began immediately upon waking from a night of fitful sleep. When thrust daily back into the stark reality of mania, cursing was all he could do.


The screaming, the fist pounding, the burning of the throat, the throbbing of his head and chest-they all felt right in those moments of swirling misery. They felt animalistic, and that is what he had become-an animal of his mind’s making. Bob hated life for going on, and he hated what he would soon come to recognize as a voracious illness, bipolar disorder, which had stolen everything and everyone he loved.

However, the disorder would not prove victorious. Through a series of trial and error, Bob received the correct diagnosis from a psychiatrist, which enabled him to discover the pathway to healing. He worked to find the right combination of medications, physical activity, and therapy that have allowed him to thrive and inspire others to do the same. After a battle with what he now calls The Illness of Loss, Bob has found a way to live well with the disorder, dedicating his life to gifting others with hope and healing. When Screams Become Whispers is a tale of that triumph. It is a hero’s journey, highlighting the fortitude of the human spirit.

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I’m Bob Krulish and I have learned to live well with Bipolar (Type I) Disorder and I’ve been teaching others how to do the same for the past several years. My secret? Education is my secret weapon against this illness. I found that the more I knew about my illness, the better I got. So I poured into dozens of books and hundreds of research papers to learn everything I could about it.

For all that this illness has ripped from my grasp – a 24-year marriage, an intact family, a successful career, financial security, and many friends – it has given me a potent way to help others.  For this, I am deeply grateful.  It is my hope that the pain I have experienced will become your gain, and that my hard-fought discoveries can become yours through the work we do together.

Bob holds a national certification from the Copeland Center to teach their Wellness Recovery Action Plan Course anywhere in the United States.  He is a popular speaker through the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s (NAMI) “In Our Own Voice Program” and is a Washington State Certified Trainer for the same. He serves on the Board of Directors for NAMI’s Eastside chapter. Additionally, Bob is certified through Dr. Xavier Amador’s LEAP Institute to teach their programs nationally.

Everything you will find in our courses is grounded in evidence-based research along with insight gained through actual “lived experiences” of bipolar disorder. We know the devastation of lives torn apart by this illness – the seemingly endless relationship conflicts and family turmoil.

Get the First Chapter of Bob's Book!

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Mike and Sheila R.

We think he's one of the best communicators we've ever met.  He's taught us how to listen and ask the right questions at the right time not only with our daughter but also with everyone else we communicate with.

Judy K.

When I first learned about Bob, my daughter was in crisis.  I knew what I was doing wasn't working as she was getting worse. With Bob's help, I gained knowledge to calm any situation while learning my daughters worst fears