That's the goal. In this coaching program, you will learn new skills and strategies necessary to communicate more effectively with your adult son or daughter, and how to motivate them toward healthier, more independent living.

This is very different from anything you've seen or tried before. It is built on evidence-based behavioral science that has been proven to be highly effective in helping others make positive changes in their lives.

Everyone who has struggled to support a loved one with a mental illness knows the challenges that come along with the illness. No matter what they do or so, their communication is often met with contention and resistance. Everything you do seems to make things worse.

This coaching program pulls from my nearly 50 years of experience with mental illness and more than a thousand hours of coaching calls with parents and other supporters. It has led to an evidence-based methodology of not only surviving the chaos but rising above it so that individuals with a mental illness can live lives of significance.

In this program, you will take-away dozens of real actions to apply immediately that will make a significant difference in your relationship with your loved one. 


  • is not living up to his or her full potential
  • is not living independently
  • battles you on many topics
  • accuses you of not listening.
  • is very dependent on you for their basic needs.
  • is a mature adult still living at home.
  • refuses to take their medication.
  • does not have a good relationship with you and others.
  • has no or few friends
  • keeps you up at night.

Karen and George D.

We think he's one of the best communicators we've ever met.  He's taught us how to listen and ask the right questions at the right time not only with our daughter but also with everyone else we communicate with.

David C.

When I first learned about Bob, my daughter was in crisis.  I knew what I was doing wasn't working as she was getting worse. With Bob's help, I gained knowledge to calm any situation while learning my daughters worst fears.

Barb O.

In the world of confusion and sadness that mental illness so often presents, Bob is a lifesaver. His is a welcome voice to turn to when there seems nowhere to turn, a pathway toward tools that can really make a difference.

Mike and Shiela R.

Bob has been extremely helpful to us. We have a daughter that has schizophrenia and we've had a hard time finding someone to help us. He's been able to coach us and give us invaluable communication skills and guidance to help us with our daughter.

Judy K.

Bob has mastered the art of communication. He has given me the confidence to navigate thru this very challenging journey I am on. For that, I will always be grateful.

Edgar and Gail S.

Bob taught us a whole new way to be with our daughter. When we learned how to listen, really listen as Bob taught us, things dramatically improved.

This website is not a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy. The advice and coaching we provide is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered medical, legal or financial advice. We ask that you seek the advice of a licensed medical professional before making lifestyle changes or deciding upon the right treatment options for you, your child or another ill family member.