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Mike and Sheila R.

Bob has been extremely helpful to us. We have a daughter that has schizophrenia and we've had a hard time finding someone to help us.

Bob's knowledge of LEAP, and also having bipolar, he's been able to coach us and give us invaluable communication skills and guidance to help us with our daughter.

Judy K.

Bob has mastered the art of communication. 

He has given me the confidence to navigate thru this very challenging journey I am on. For that, I will always be grateful.

He has the gift of teaching others how to reach into their own humanity in order to help another heal.

Bob has a gift... and Bob is a gift.

Barb Olsen

In the world of confusion and sadness that mental illness so often presents, Bob is a lifesaver.

His is a welcome voice to turn to when there seems nowhere to turn, a pathway toward tools that can really make a difference.

Coaching Program with Bob Krulish


The goal of this coaching program is to give you the communication skills, tools and knowledge to build a strong, healthy relationship with your ill loved one who is suffering from a serious mental illness and may or may not be suffering from anosognosia.

You will learn how to have welcomed conversations about treatment options for reasons which your loved one perceives are getting in the way of them having a full life and may lead them to treatment compliance.

You will:

  • have more peaceful conversations
  • less arguing and fighting
  • become a much better listener and communicator
  • see more collaboration
  • learn more about your loved one’s goals and motivation
  • be able to partner to help him or her achieve their goals
  • develop a more respectful, deeper relationship
  • become more of a trusted and welcomed advisor
  • be able to discuss treatment options in a more welcomed way 

Here are just some of the topics we cover. Along with spending time on these topics, significant time is spent problem-solving and role-playing. The course is made up of skills and concepts found in LEAP, Motivational Interviewing and personal lived experience. 

  • The Guided Path - Communication Styles
  • Spirit of Communication
  • Change Talk 
  • Four Processes of Communication
  • Elicit-Provide-Elicit
  • Seven Guidelines for LEAP Reflective Listening
  • Reflective Listening
  • Roadblocks to Listening
  • OARS
  • Empathize
  • Agree
  • Partner
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